Be part of one of the greatest unsolved  mysteries the world has ever known

I have been cruising the Pacific for six years. I have sailed from the states to the South Pacific and up and down between the Marshall Islands and New Zealand, which is where I am currently located waiting for next season.

Being a pilot have always been fascinated with Amelia Earhart’s fate.

My plan is to search a line in the Pacific along her last reported route. Using MBES sonar, side scan sonar and other non-invasive means available. Searching near the islands and atolls along her last reported route. Using a fine toothed comb approach, this will be a time consuming and tedious venture, but worth the reward of possibly solving this mystery.
The boat I have now is not quite adequate for this mission. I do have the time, passion and ocean experience to partake on this mission. I can dedicate many years to this project.
The funds will be used to purchase boat, equipment and some operating expense.
The boat I will use is a Circa FPB 64, currently located in New Zealand. I will need to purchase the boat and equipment before heading out.
There are millions of people that would like to learn what happened and where.
Be part of the team, a one, five or ten dollar donation will add up and is very appreciated.

This is a grassroots  expedition.  Expected launch June, 2022
This mission won’t have  time constraints or any kind of corporate obligations.


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― Albert Einstein                

Crashed Japanese Zero, Marshall Islands
Crashed WWII F4U Corsair, Vanuatu